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Understanding the impact of climate change on our oceans and the life that it supports is one of main purposes of Tara Oceans' scientific research.


Ice thaws, the acidification of the oceans, rising sea levels, climatic upheavals and natural disasters have led to the displacement of millions of climatic refugees and threatened the living conditions of our poorest nations.

To reverse this trend, the scientific community is calling for greater vigilance in the management of our daily life. Since the beginning of this great human and scientific adventure, Tara remains committed to taking a strong stand for the environment.

To leave behind our normal routines and develop a sense of eco-responsibility: what a powerful educational tool!

By immersing ourselves in daily life on board the Tara Oceans expedition, we can escape from our ordinary routines and the automatic habits we unconsciously repeat and, perhaps in doing so, change these habits to help minimize the environmental crisis.

In this section, you will find many resources to download concerning:

•  water

•  food & diet

•  waste

•  energy

•  climate

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Tara Oceans is an expedition with a scientific and a longterm environmental objective. This does not mean that Tara is a “green” boat. Do not confuse these two concepts. However, Tara represents a very interesting microcosm
of environmental perspectives because, on board, the problems facing us on earth are heightened.