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Welcome on Tara


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Welcome aboard the Tara Oceans Junior educational program.


Are you a teacher, an animator, an educator or quite simply curious and wish to work with young people or your children to learn more about this expedition? This space is for you!

The serious reports brought back to us by Tara do not offer all the answers...

The goals of the last expedition made by the scientific schooner, Tara Arctic, was to understand and quantify the climatic changes occurring in the Arctic in order to make important decisions about global warming. The 507 days that Tara spent adrift, a captive of the ice, led scientists to imply that global warming is accelerating the melting of the polar ice cap.


...to learn more, Tara has once again set sail.

During this new expedition, Tara Oceans will strive to answer many climate questions while advancing our knowledge of marine biodiversity. To answer these ambitious questions, the schooner left on her 150,000-kilometer voyage that will take her through every ocean on the planet. During the three-year expedition, a team of scientists ? brought together by Eric Karsenti, co-director of the project ? will take turns on board, studying marine biodiversity and learning more about the impact of the ocean on our planet's climate.


This scientific and human adventure provides an incredible opportunity to sensitize our youth to the issue of climatic change, a problem which threatens to seriously impact the future of our planet and the lives of subsequent generations, and to arouse in them curiosity about the scientific approaches and technologies now at our disposal to observe the earth.


This educational program will guide you in discovery and help you make the most of the "themes" presented by Tara. You will benefit from:

* personalized aid for your projects: an animator is at your disposal to help you maximize your use of all available resources and to advise you on the construction of your projects


* a newsletter on the educational program to help you learn about the new resources available and the topicality of the program as it relates to education


* an space devoted to teaching supports exclusively for teachers (first and second levels) to help you follow up on Tara Oceans in class, including teaching cards prepared by the Academy and the CRDP of Rennes


* resources: articles, photographs, videos, films and Internet links on all scientific and environmental topics presented by Tara Oceans


* community networks to manage outlines, the gathering of information, discussions between classes (students and teachers) and French and foreign establishments as they follow the progress of Tara Oceans


* Regular communications with the boat and its scientists


* Contests that are open to all classes


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The newspaper says so illustrated what the plankton and its role in the ocean. He takes us through the onboard laboratories, for a visit and a detailed presentation of the measuring devices. The reader participates in the adventure time of a typical week. Finally, the paper focuses on water management, waste and energy on board.